About Hollywood Business School

We Believe…

That Actors and Screenwriters have the power to heal people 
and deepen our lives through the stories they tell.

.... we also believe...

How to make it in Hollywood should not be an elusive mystery.

Artists should be knowledgeable about the business they are in.

Every artist can be empowered and free from feeling helpless.

The world could use more people with personal responsibility and self-belief.

We provide online educational courses about the business of Hollywood and careers for actors and screenwriters through video courses, audios, and digital books.  Our courses are designed to meet the needs of different types of students with some offering in-depth mastery and others offering an understanding of the basics on a give topic.

What We Do

Our Mission

To give actors and screenwriters a deeper understanding on navigating the business of Hollywood so they can most courageously, effectively, and authentically pursue their creative vision and achieve the success they desire.

After I worked for several small, medium and large companies (even the U.S. Dept. of Defense for 1 year!), I couldn't take it anymore. I was an entrepreneur in my soul and I had to do what I had dreamed of for so long -- work for myself, start my own company.  I did that many years ago.

I'm now here for those spirits who want to express themselves in film and TV and get paid for it.  This online Hollywood "B" School is here to help actors and screenwriters learn the business of Hollywood so they can express their creative passion and make money doing it.

Why I Do It

Melody Jackson Ph.D.

Since 1992 Dr. Melody Jackson has helped thousands of actors and screenwriters in pursuing their Hollywood career.  Specializing in helping them connect with the professional Hollywood community, she has guided countless clients in presenting themselves and their scripts to Hollywood to give that creative person their best shots in marketing.  Melody has an extreme passion for everything marketing, branding, and internet presentation. With the accumulation of thousands of pages and hours of content, she has manifested Hollywood Business School as the venue through which she will educate, inspire and embolden actors and screenwriters to up their game in achieving the fulfillment of their Hollywood dream.

Dream. Learn. Achieve.