Custom Research of 60 Producers — LIST ONLY


When you are ready to get your script out to Hollywood, you need to get it in front producers who could potentially be interested in your specific type of script. There are many factors that make a script be right for a given production company at a given time. And it’s also a numbers game.

This service will provide you with a custom researched list of 60 production companies and their producer or development executives identified as good target prospects for your script.

While there won’t be 60 perfect companies to target for your script, common sense requires that you play the numbers a bit and send to more than the 2 or 3 or 4 perfect ones you have in mind. By having a list of 60 potential companies to target, you will have a list of prospective companies to reach out to over time.

Your job is to hitch up with a production company or producer who will become your Hollywood Champion and will shepherd your script around to the people with the money.

This service will save you countless hours of research and fret over who to send to. Allow us to do the tedious research part that taps into our database of thousands or records and thousands of hours of research, categorizing, and updating. Use your time where it matters most… developing a personal contact with the people you reach out to.

We do the research on the list.  You do the follow up that requires your personal touch.





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