Authentic Branding For Actors

It’s Time to Stop Wondering How To Brand Yourself as an Actor

Create An Actor Brand You Love

Do you sometimes wonder if there’s anything that really does set you apart from other actors? Is it often stressful to tell someone about yourself as an actor?  Ever get frustrated or confused trying to figure out your branding?

If so, then I know exactly where you’re coming from.

Nothing is more depressing than working hard and taking classes for years to become a really strong actor so you can be ready when you get “out there,” only to realize that to get out there, you now have to learn a whole new set of skills for marketing, typecasting, branding, pitching, networking…. just to get the chance to apply the craft you been working on so hard for years.

Even though you’ve made great strides in your craft and worked so hard to have the confidence to know you can do a great job in a role, you now face the frustration of the business side, headshots, and figuring out your type.

And to complicate matters, everyone seems to tell you different things when you try to get guidance and input on what to do, what type you are, and how to brand yourself… or not worry about branding yourself. If you’re like most actors who have put time and effort into becoming a professional actor, then you’ve heard all of these things.

Many times, you just end up feeling confused, depressed, and like you’ve wasted your time because you’re trying to figure out everything on your own about marketing and branding and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level where you can relax and be confident about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to brand yourself so you can relax, do it, and just quit worrying about it?

Until now the only ways to really try to brand yourself were to put own ideas together with what everyone else said, mix it up and hope for the best or to find some an expensive team of a PR firm, stylist, web designer, photographer, and branding expert who can oversee the whole thing to make sure you have a coherent message and presentation.

The big problem with these extreme approaches is that if you just do it on your own without guiding principles, you’re never confident if you’re taking the right approach. But if you hire a team of experts to help you, you either have to keep paying them or your brand becomes stagnant and you’re stuck with what they created for you at point in time.

The fact is, neither of these solutions equip you with the knowledge and mental tools you need for to build a strong brand for yourself that can evolve and develop as you do and give you the confidence that you need to really express the brand you create.

That’s why today, I’m thrilled to be able to share with you my new video training program Authentic Branding For Actors: The Inner Journey to Standing Out in Hollywood with Confidence, Charm, and Ease.

My name is Melody Jackson and over the last 20+ years, I’ve helped literally thousands of actors market themselves and present themselves as a strong coherent brand to agents and managers in seeking new representation.

In my latest training program, Authentic Branding For Actors, I take you through the exact steps you need to develop the foundation for presenting yourself in a brand that you truly love and can stand behind 100%.

Whether you just started acting in the past year or you’ve been acting for the last 20 years or more, this course will guide you in a step-by-step way to put all the pieces together to create a brand you love so you can feel confident in presenting yourself in any industry situation you may face, no matter who the players are you are talking to.

Now what makes this approach different from any other approach to branding out there, is that this isn’t just a one-time explanation and feedback on your branding. It’s a simple, step-by-step process to fully understand what branding is for actor and to develop your brand from the inside out so you love it and it’s authentic.

All you need to do is follow the steps, tap into your own truth, and apply the formula and you WILL get develop a strong brand you can have confidence in for your acting career.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get access to, when you join today:

  • Four Core Video Modules with multiple videos in each. You’ll also get examples of actor branding to help you understand how the terms applies.
  • You’ll get weekly assignments for each module for real-time application of what you are learning.
  • A weekly group conference call where you can ask questions about branding and material we’re covering.
  • The main outcome of this course is that you will create a Brand Declaration Document filled with the aspects of branding you’ve been creating each week. It will cover many aspects of your career – from the external to your interior world and most deeply cherished values to how to best represent yourself online.
  • This Brand Declaration Document will be a document that resonates with you as authentic and inspiring and will be your go-to guide for all aspects of marketing your career and on your journey.
  • You’ll be able identify and to put in words what you somewhere already sense is your uniqueness.
  • You will create a Brand Vision that is singularly unique and you’ll be inspired by who you are therefore building your confidence.
  • You will learn how to express your brand in how you dress, how you present yourself, how you communicate, who you are on the set, and everywhere. You will gain a wholistic understanding of your brand.
  • You will gain a meaningful understanding of the relevance of Branding– going beyond a concept and seeing how you can make it serve you in your career.
  • You will learn how to create a brand of yourself that fully and authentically expresses YOU.
  • You will learn who your real customers are and how to create a brand that sizzles and appeals to them.
  • You will get clear on who your customers really are and how to create a brand that has sizzle and appeal to them.
  • You will learn how to set yourself apart from your competition to stand out.
  • You’ll learn new things about yourself and what it is to create your brand and how to strengthen it.
  • You will complete the course with a Brand Declaration document that is a living document that will be useful for years to come.
  • A journey of transformation. You’ll know yourself on the inside in a whole new way. You’ll appreciate the authentic you and you’ll know how to communicate that to the outer world.
  • What gets in the way of your authentic branding is how you think you should be… “how I think I should be” and that inhibits authentic self-expression,” so we get to that. But instead of “Self-expression gone wild, and as it comes out,we craft and color it to amplity what we want. It’s not free-willy self-expression, we craft it so that it serves our goals.

This course will help you understand what it is to “brand yourself” so you’re no longer confused and frustrated about this elusive thing called branding, and you’ll learn what the importance of branding really is and why you can’t get around it, no matter what anyone says.

When you finish, you’ll have an intuitive understanding of branding — which will help you make choices about everything in your career with confidence so it supports your branding — from what to wear for headshots, to what your site should look and feel like, to what kinds of scenes to put on your demo reel.

The course has 4 modules of multiple lessons in each module. So first you’ll learn what branding is and how it applies to actors. Then the course will walk you through the steps for creating your Brand Declaration Document.

This is where you will design how to present yourself authentically and effectively in all areas of your marketing. So that going forward, it will be your go-to when it comes to making marketing decisions for your career.

This is just a taste of what people are already saying about Authentic Branding For Actors:

“This is a much needed course. Many actors are confused and held back by understanding their type and how to use it.’

“I can’t wait to apply what I’m learning!”

“I didn’t know that branding was supposed to start on the inside. I thought it was really just about your look.”

So, by now you’re probably curious as to how much the Authentic Branding For Actors is going to be.

And that’s a fair question given that in the past the only way to develop a professional brand for yourself was to hire a team of experts to help you with all the different things that go into branding and spend thousands of dollars to have them create a consistent branding look for you.

However, the reason I created the online video course of Authentic Branding for Actors is to make this career-critical information available to any actor who wants to be able to really identify and own their brand on their own terms and be able to fulfill it and live into it over time. Not just as a one-shot thing where someone comes in and does an awesome website for you or you get great headshots, but so your branding becomes intuitive for you, you fully understand it, and you simply have it guide you going forward.

As a special offer, for the next two weeks, during this pre-launch period which I’m offering to the people in my circle, before I release it to the general market, you can join the course for just [$497. This will give you access to the entire course as well as weekly group calls with me. After this launch period, the price is going to go up. So if you’re interested in this, it’s important to get it now.

So if you want to break free from the confusion and frustration of figuring out how to present yourself and learn how to authentically present yourself as a powerful brand and do it naturally and with ease, just click the “Add To Cart” button that you’ll see below this video.

In fact, I’m so confident that this course will give you what you need that if there are things not covered in the course that need to know for getting started with a strong brand, like to see, you you can submit your ideas, I’ll create additional On-Demand Training to add to the course if they are appropriate for the topic. You can’t go wrong when you know that what you need will be covered.

Look, if you’re truly want to be at peace with your branding and create a strong foundation from which to present yourself as a film, television or internet actor, it’s time to take action and do it.

You’ve been struggling and being frustrated for far too long, wasting valuable time and energy thinking about your type and branding instead of truly pursuing work.

The fun, deep approach to authentic branding will open up a whole new world of fun and adventure for you when it comes to marketing and presenting yourself to Hollywood — and even in your everyday life.

Imagine walking into a crowded room at a networking event and you are relaxed and peaceful and ready to mingle with ease. No forceful introductions and pushing yourself, but your conversation flows naturally as you meet potential contacts to work on film and TV projects with.

So register for the Authentic Branding for Actors course now and let’s get you started today.

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Talk soon!

Melody Jackson

P.S.  As a reminder, you’ll get 4 modules of training, one delivered each week.  You’ll be able to join a weekly group call to get individual questions answered. If you can’t make it to the live call, you can listen to it later as all calls will be recorded.  With the Actors Branding Guide you create for yourself in the course, you will have a guideline for branding decisions indefinitely and that can also evolve with over time.

P.S.S. If you’re seeing this message, the course is still available at the pre-launch price listed above.