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Analyze Your Own Script Workshop -- THE BOOK

160 pages filled with questions that help you solve problems!

Ever find yourself feeling stuck in your screenwriting -- where you know something's wrong but can't quite put your finger on what it is? Or maybe you've just run out of inspiration?

This paperback toolbox will fire up your momentum and get you unstuck instantly by fueling your creativity like a true storytelling genius.

Creativity is not a linear process. Ideas can come at any time from anywhere. This workbook is designed to help you capture those inklings and passing thoughts and organize your wildest creativity into manageable pieces. 

With 30+ tools presenting evocative questions and lots of mastery tips throughout, you will be guided to uncover weak areas of your story and be inspired to creative brilliance as you develop and polish your script. Your development process will be accelerated with these tools that offer essential shortcuts to the heart of what matters for writing a compelling, marketable Hollywood screenplay.

Buy one copy as a reference book or multiple copies to manage each script you're working on to help you capture, develop, and apply your great ideas over time. This workshop-in-a-book will help you leverage your priceless resources of time, money, and creativity.

You can do a personal workshop on your script by going through the book from start to finish, use it to simply capture and record your ideas as a permanent record for each script, or pick and choose the tools you need to fix the troublesome problems in your script. However you use it, this book will be a valuable asset as a screenwriting coach in a book or development partner!

You will find endless ways to use this workshop-in-a-book to help you accelerate your screenwriting process and tap into your unique voice.

Before you send your script out to Hollywood or even a to professional script analyst, see how your script fares as you use this workshop-in-a-book to accomplish in each new draft what it usually takes at least 2 or 3 drafts to do well.

However you use it, you will most assuredly improve your screenwriting skills, expand your vision, and enhance your fun in the process of writing your screenplay.  

Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

About this book and why I wrote it.... I  LOVE to organize things and create systems and methods for practical use. On the other hand, I love nurturing creativity. The amazing thing I've discovered about writing screenplays is that because you have to fit your script inside certain structures -- such as the length being around 100 pages  or so -- it actually requires more creativity to write a great story  than a novel!  You have to fit so much stuff inside that 100 pages -- story and character development and plot and theme and captivating character-revealing dialogue -- that you have to be creative to make it work!

Call me the systems geek that I am (and love being) because this book will HELP you both organize all the elements of your screenplay while bringing out your creativity and giving you access to ideas you have for your script that are buried deep inside that may not be conscious yet! 

This book is an outcome of merging the techy side of me I developed as a computer science and systems person in my undergrad studies and fascination with human nature and the idea of how we are moved by story when I earned my Ph.D. in Mythological Studies.

My personal mission is to help creative types with the business aspects of their careers and the tedious organizing and planning required so they can most effectively do what they want in their creative life.