A Simple Rule for an Actor Brand You Love

Ever feel like you blend in? Like you’re not sure what to do to set yourself apart as an actor in Hollywood?

It’s time to Brand Yourself

Every year, as the business changes, and tens of thousands more actors come to Hollywood seeking to work as a professional actor, it becomes more competitive.

You must use every possible competitive advantage you can get, find, or create.

Creating an Authentic Brand for yourself is the process of defining who you are — in a unique way — to Hollywood, so that they can see how you are unique from other actors of your same type.

An Authentic Brand for you as an Actor also presents you as a real, live human being!  Not just an automaton, perfect looking cardboard cut-out of a type.

This video will give you a simple way to test whether you’re on the right track with the brand your working on and creating for yourself as an actor.

Enjoy! And leave me a comment below on whether this idea makes sense!


Melody Jackson

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