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Ready To Stretch Yourself?

Here we are the last day of the first week of 2019!  I hope your holiday was fabulous…. Overall, my Christmas was great…. except for one thing…

I BROKE MY ANKLE in three places. When I was on my way back to Cincinnati to see my mom, I fell as I stepped down off the bus at LAX.  Had to have surgery on my ankle, and they put all kinds of hardware in. The miracles of modern medicine!

One thing I got from this experience is that I really understand what it means that “in one second,” things can change… in a big way.

But I like to look on the bright side of that saying. Yes, a big challenge could arise in the next second…. but I prefer to think about how something GREAT could also happen in the next second… or hour… or day…. or week…. IN YOUR CAREER!

 But something great can happen only if we put ourselves and what we have to offer to the world OUT THERE!  Meaning out there to the people who may be able to use our services or whatever we are offering — whether it’s having the script they’ve been looking for, being just the right actor for a part, or the ability to work as a team player.  

My question is:

What are YOU DOING to really PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE for your career?  

I would truly love to hear what you’re doing and begin a dialogue about this.

In fact, I’ll start…

I want to keep more in touch with you by email in 2019 and let you know how I can help you. I worked a great deal behind the scenes in 2018, but I wasn’t “out there” nearly as much as I could have been.  This year, I am challenging myself to be out there more.

I have lots of great content for both actors and screenwriters

For Actors, I’ll soon be releasing my upcoming AUTHENTIC BRANDING BOOTCAMP FOR ACTORS course.  (More on that soon.)

For Screenwriters…. later this month (JANUARY), I’m publishing my paperback workbook ANALYZE YOUR OWN SCRIPT WORKSHOP on Amazon.

But back to youRIGHT NOW…. the New Year of 2019 is kicking off.

It’s a great time to get focused… and get in action.

Please comment and let me know…. the answer to this question:  

What are YOU DOING to really PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE for your acting career or your screenwriting aspirations this year?  Or any other area of your life for that matter?

Share it with the world.  Declare it to the world….. Leave your comment below.

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