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This signature service provided by Smart Girls Productions is a great way to get an agent. The service includes having a cover letter written for you and the selection of the 75 agencies who would be best for you. You’ll have an option of targeting commercial agents, theatrical agents. or a combination of both.  Save yourself the time, the frustration and confusion of doing this all on your own.  Get an agent now.




This service is provided by Smart Girls Productions and consists of a Marketing Campaign to Talent Agents for Actors.

The game has changed.

Things have changed from the old school time of when Managers only managed someone who had “something going on.” Managers are now much more hands on in working with actors at every level. Managers represent actors at all stages of their careers. Ideally, they help develop the actor’s image and will promote and introduce them to industry contacts.

This service provided by Smart Girls Productions consists of a Marketing Campaign to Talent Managers for Actors

For your manager mailing, you are interviewed via an extensive questionnaire. From your answers along with your resume, and headshot, your cover letter is created.

Your manager list is compiled according to the appropriate level for you, and the personalized letters are printed.  You will get your complete mailing of personalized letters to 75 legitimate Hollywood managers to mail out to the best ones for you!

You will also receive the listing of the 75 agents for ongoing marketing and follow-up.

After placing your order, you will Get Instant Access to the Green Room with insider marketing tips and instructions on filling out the complete Actor Profile telling us all about you!

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Want More Details?

I must admit, I (Melody Jackson) like to know lots of details when I’m buying something. I’m sure I drive some people crazy asking so many questions, but HEY, I like to understand what I’m getting myself into. My mom on the other hand… once she knows she likes something, she says, “Hey, don’t bore me with the details, let’s just do it.”

SO… if you’re more like my Mom, just go ahead and click on the Add to Cart link above and then check out and we’re good to go!

But if you’re more like me and you like LOTS of details about how it goes down, then keep reading….

As I said at the top… this Manager Marketing Service is provided by my company Smart Girls Productions — which has been around for a LONG time.  You’re checking out here because the Hollywood Business School (the Smart Girls sister company) is set up to securely handle the payments as well as the training course for how to make the most of your manager mailing. The service is provided by SMART GIRLS PRODUCTIONS and the details are handled here.

The Way the Service Works

For the service itself… your manager mailing:  The main part of it is that you are interviewed via an extensive online questionnaire — which you will get access to this immediately after you place your order.

Once you complete the super cool questionnaire that’s all about you — which is actually kind of fun! — then you email us and let us know you’ve completed it.  You will also see other instructions about sending us other information related to your headshot, resume and any demo reels you might have.

Once we receive your information, we put it on our schedule to write your letter and we then send it to you for review and approval. We also send you the Marketing Strategy Summary where we merge your ideas and goals with our professional recommendation.

In that Marketing Strategy, we also give you feedback on your Headshot, Resume, Websites (i.e. Actors Access, IMDB, your site), and any demo reel or clips you might have. Overall, it’s a mini-branding review.

While you are reviewing your Custom Cover Letter that we write for you and the fancy Marketing Strategy Summary where we merged your ideas with ours, meanwhile back at the Smart Girls Office, we are working on selecting your target managers list.

We research, update, and do a double-back flip to do our best to create an awesome list of managers for you to target. We take into account any instructions you give us and what we feel would be most effective for you based on our professional (and extensive) experience.

Once you approve your letter, we finalize the list of 75 managers then we merge the names and addresses with your awesome mind-blowing letter, presenting you at your finest and most truthful moments!

In the final step, we print your personalized letters to the 75 legitimate hand-picked personal managers along with the address labels! You will also receive a report of the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of the 75 managers chosen for you for ongoing marketing and follow-up as you desire.

We know that you would LOVE NOTHING MORE than to be a Working Actor or Series Regular Actor on a TV show or a consistently in-demand Film Actor — heck, let’s get real – maybe even a Movie Star!

Getting a good personal manager who can guide you in the best direction can make things happen much more quickly!

Place your order now to get this new phase started.

After you place your order, you will Get Instant Access to the Agents and Managers Green Room, which is a course on this website (INSIDE) that has all the instructions you need to get your mailing going.

You will get immediate access to very exciting Actor’s In-Depth Questionnaire, where you will tell us all about YOU!

You’ll also find all kinds of insider marketing tips and instructions on how to put your mailing together and mail it out for your best results! Let’s do it!

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See you soon.

Melody Jackson, Ph.D.
The Smart Girl Herself


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