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Formatting Your Screenplay So Hollywood Loves It

Don’t Have Your Screenplay Thrown Out Because Of Shabby Formatting/ Learn The Hollywood Style Of Formatting Your Script Properly To Give Your Story A Real Chance With This Manual

This 47-Page Ebook Formatting Manual will walk you through the exact steps of how to format your script so that it passes the test in Hollywood.

Some of the things that are covered are:

  • Scene Headings
  • Character Introductions
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • The proper number of pages for your best chance in Hollywood today!
  • The best way to describe your characters so that the reader starts to picture stars playing the roles.
  • How to bind your script the right way so that you don’t look like amateur, even if you are.
  • The mistake that most screenwriters make on the Title Page, which immediately alerts the reader that you are a newbie.
  • Sample pages from scripts in the recent years.
  • and so much more

To Start Typing Your Script In The Proper Format Or For A Last Chance Look Before You Send It Out, Get Your Ebook Formatting Manual Today!

Get Instant Access to your Formatting ebook today!

Don’t let a little thing like formatting ruin your chances of making it Big!