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1-Hour Script Analysis

Get a 1-Hour review of your script with a one-on-one phone consultation with Dr. Melody Jackson. Your feedback will be prioritized by focusing on the elements of your script that are most important to improve. No matter where you are in the process, the conversation will appropriately focus on the broader strokes to the finer details of a polished script.

Master Script Review

Get six pages of in-depth notes plus follow-up 1-hour phone consultation with Dr. Melody Jackson. The in depth notes are clearly written with examples of how to fix any issues. In the follow-up phone conversation, the conversation will go even deeper or clarifying the points¬† from the notes as well as working creatively with the …

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1-Hour Review + Bullet Point Notes

In addition to your 1-hour phone consultation with Dr. Melody Jackson, you will receive 2-pages of bullet point action items to know exactly what changes to make to your script.

Interactive Script Development

This package is designed to work on your screenplay over time with credits for working on any portion of your script as desired. You’ll have 360 credits to use toward having your choice of the whole script reviewed, a discussion, or any number of pages as you wish. Each time you’ll get a one-on-one phone …

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The Screenwriters 7 Commandments of Success

Learn the basics of success with this simple, quick guide on what you must do right as a screenwriter to set yourself up for success. It’s not just the best screenplay that wins out. To get your script to the people who might do something with it, you have to have the right mindset and create the right conditions. This is what is necessary for Screenwriters.

Query Letter Marketing

Market your screenplay to Hollywood with a query letter and 75 targeted production companies.