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Get The Best Headshots of Your Life

Headshots for actors. Getting fantastic headshots is probably the bane of your existence as an actor early on in your career… and if it’s not it should be! As you are establishing your credits, your headshots, which are part of your branding, are, simply put, crucial. This ebook gives you ideas for preparing for your shoot as well as tips on how to be more comfortable when you’re doing the shoot — since most actors don’t like still shots and are far more comfortable with moving pictures!

Super Cool Secrets to Great Interviews With Talent Agents

Want to walk into the agent interview with confidence, knowing what you should and shouldn’t ask?  Learn how to express yourself and get guidelines on how to answer the hardest questions of all, starting with “Tell Me About Yourself.”  When you go into a meeting with an agent, you need to express your true self, but at the same time, it needs to be a particular aspect of your true self. In this ebook, you’ll find both the practical answers to those questions you dread, as well as learn about where to think from as you go into what feels like the most important meeting of your career… up until now.

The Screenwriters 7 Commandments of Success

Learn the basics of success with this simple, quick guide on what you must do right as a screenwriter to set yourself up for success. It’s not just the best screenplay that wins out. To get your script to the people who might do something with it, you have to have the right mindset and create the right conditions. This is what is necessary for Screenwriters.

How To Become An Actor in Hollywood

The desire to Act is innate. It’s part of the human spirit that wants to play and is natural to every human being. However, for some people, it goes deeper and feels like a calling. It’s an urge and a longing… an inexplicable mystery of why… And then there’s life.  In this ebook, you will learn practical information that it takes to get you on the path to creating that opportunity to fulfill that indescribable longing, bringing together your dream with the on-the-street actions to make it a reality.