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Talent Manager Mailing

In this signature Cover Letter Mailing service from Smart Girls Productions, you will receive a custom cover letter written for you highlighting whatever is most marketable about you, no matter what level you are in your career.  The printed cover letter includes hand-picking 75 managers for you to target, while the email blast goes to 125 in a less laser-target broader outreach. We will walk with you every step of the way including helping you choose between the printed letters and email blast!

You can get started now by going to the Agent and Manager Mailing Green Room and following the instructions. Among the various things you will find there is the link to the online form to fill out.

You will need to be logged in to the HollywoodBschool site to access it. If you are not logged in, then you can go here to do so HollywoodBschool site . Login using the email you used to purchase the service. When you login you should be able to locate the Green Room which tells you everything you need to know about getting started and completing your mailing.

Acting Resume

Give your resume a new fresh look. Get it updated and optimized taking advantage of the work you’ve done and the training you’ve worked so hard on!

Super Cool Secrets to Great Interviews With Talent Agents

Want to walk into the agent interview with confidence, knowing what you should and shouldn’t ask?  Learn how to express yourself and get guidelines on how to answer the hardest questions of all, starting with “Tell Me About Yourself.”  When you go into a meeting with an agent, you need to express your true self, but at the same time, it needs to be a particular aspect of your true self. In this ebook, you’ll find both the practical answers to those questions you dread, as well as learn about where to think from as you go into what feels like the most important meeting of your career… up until now.

The Screenwriters 7 Commandments of Success

Learn the basics of success with this simple, quick guide on what you must do right as a screenwriter to set yourself up for success. It’s not just the best screenplay that wins out. To get your script to the people who might do something with it, you have to have the right mindset and create the right conditions. This is what is necessary for Screenwriters.

How To Become An Actor in Hollywood

The desire to Act is innate. It’s part of the human spirit that wants to play and is natural to every human being. However, for some people, it goes deeper and feels like a calling. It’s an urge and a longing… an inexplicable mystery of why… And then there’s life.  In this ebook, you will learn practical information that it takes to get you on the path to creating that opportunity to fulfill that indescribable longing, bringing together your dream with the on-the-street actions to make it a reality.

Talent Agent Mailing

This signature service provided by Smart Girls Productions is a great way to get an agent The service includes having an awesome Actor Pitch letter written for you and the selection of 75 hand-picked agencies for you to mail out to. Whether you need commercial, theatrical. or both, you’ll be presented in your most marketable and appealing way. Save yourself the time, the frustration and confusion of doing this all on your own.  Get an agent agent now.

Hollywood Acting Career Kickstart (kids)

This service from Smart Girls Productions is designed to help you get started in your acting career. It includes our signature Cover Letter Mailing service, a Starter Resume, and an Ebook on how the business works.

During the time we work with you on preparing your cover letter mailing to agents and your resume, you also have unlimited email coaching for getting your questions answered.

Booty Kicker Agent & Manager Marketing Campaign

This signature service provided by Smart Girls Productions is a great way to get an agent or a manager. The service includes having an Email cover letter written for you and the selection of the 50 agencies who would be best for you and an Email Campaign blast to a superset of 125 agents. You’ll have an option of targeting commercial agents, theatrical agents. or a combination of both.  Or you can market to managers. Save yourself the time, the frustration and confusion of doing this all on your own.  Get an agent or manager now. To market to only agents or only managers, go here.