Booty Kicker Agent & Manager Marketing Campaign

This service provided by Smart Girls Productions consists of a Marketing Campaign to to both Agents and Managers for Actors.

For your booty kicker, you are interviewed via an extensive questionnaire about all aspects of your acting career. From your answers along with your resume, and headshot, your cover letter is created.

Your two lists — 75 agents and 75 managers — will be compiled according to the appropriate level for you, and the personalized letters are printed.

You will get your complete mailing of personalized letters to 75 legitimate Hollywood managers and 75 agents to mail out to the best ones for you!

You will also receive the listing of the agents and managers for ongoing marketing and follow-up.

After placing your order, you will Get Instant Access to the Green Room with Insider Marketing Secrets and instructions on filling out the complete Actor Profile telling us all about you!