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Actor Branding Course “Kick-Off Module”

You have reached the Introductory Module of the Authentic Branding For Actors Course at the Hollywood Business School, which is part of a larger full course of a total of 5 modules including this one.

This Introductory Module is designed to give you a taste of what the course will be like and what you will learn as well as meet the instructor, Dr. Melody Jackson.

In this Module, you will learn the basic approach for creating your Actor Brand.

You’ll about to learn the 5 Requirements for Success — which apply not only to this course, but to life in general.

You’re also going to learn about a principle to operate from as you Develop Your Brand — a fundamental principle that will help you avoid being overwhelmed by all that you learn. This principle is good to apply in any area of business and any area of life also.




It’s Time to Stop Wondering How To Brand Yourself as an Actor Authentic Branding Bootcamp For Actors Do you sometimes wonder if there’s anything that really does set you apart from other actors? Is it often stressful to tell someone about yourself as an actor?  Ever get frustrated or confused trying to figure out your…

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