Onboarding and Testing a New VA

Melody Jackson · July 14, 2021

See My Google DRIVE for the following in detail


To set up the new VA

  • Create a Google Doc for them.
    • See the template folder with Time Sheet and Assignment docs.
      • Get a link to their folder and share
  • From them, get their:
    • First and Last Name
    • Paypal Email
    • Have them create the account at HBS. This is a good step for them to begin.
    • Once the create it, then you can move courses over.
  • Put the proper courses in their file.
  • Create an EXDB user login for them. Record on Credentials doc.

For Any New Task

  • Add description to Google Doc with measurable parameters like # of records or pages to update, etc.
  • Add credentials for EXDB, IMDB, HBS, social media accounts
  • Get links to any docs they’ll be working on
  • Add Training Course to their courses on HBS

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