The Business of Hollywood

We believe the more you understand about the business culture of Hollywood, the great, the good, the bad, and the not as good, and you have the tools and understanding to work within, you will have your best chance of living your dream -- both creatively and with success.

Should Screenwriters Target Agents or Producers First?

Screenwriters often hear “You need to get an agent to sell your screenplay. That’s the only way it will happen.” And because they hear that,…

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Sexual Harassment, Inequality & Multi-Million Dollar Paydays for Movie Stars (Part 1)

When it came out recently that Kevin Spacey was guilty of sexual misconduct, he had been working in on the film “All the Money in…

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Let Missed Opportunities Motivate You To Your Next One

Have you ever questioned yourself about whether you made the right decision? Or whether you did something at the right time? Whether you are an…

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Screenplay Contests: Up Your Game With a Win

When Hollywood’s Award Season rolls around, if you’re like most aspiring screenwriters, you can’t help but hope that one day you might be getting some…

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A Simple Rule for an Actor Brand You Love

Ever feel like you blend in? Like you’re not sure what to do to set yourself apart as an actor in Hollywood? It’s time to Brand…

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Networking in Hollywood: A Simple Way to To Start a Conversation

Becoming masterful at networking in Hollywood is that you don’t have to learn an entirely new skill set that only applies to the film &…

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How Screenwriting Is Like Homemade Wine and Why Most Writers Think Their Script is Better Than It Is

How great is your script…. really? As far as I can tell, 95% of the screenwriters I speak with think their content is superior to…

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Dismantling Your Limiting Beliefs About a Career as an Actor or Screenwriter in Hollywood

The thought  for today is about how often actors and screenwriters have limiting beliefs around whether they can truly have a successful Hollywood career. And…

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