The Business of Hollywood

We believe the more you understand about the business culture of Hollywood, the great, the good, the bad, and the not as good, and you have the tools and understanding to work within, you will have your best chance of living your dream -- both creatively and with success.

How To Write More Authentic Characters In Your Screenplay

What is your true aspiration around screenwriting? Whatever it may be, I’m sure you know it’s super competitive for everything related to it. And the…

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Dismantling Your Limiting Beliefs About a Career as an Actor or Screenwriter in Hollywood

The thought  for today is about how often actors and screenwriters have limiting beliefs around whether they can truly have a successful Hollywood career. And…

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Ready To Stretch Yourself?

In crazy times, it seems so often that things get stranger before they get better. And sometimes, in the middle of it, good things happen…

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How To Follow-Up With Someone You Didn’t Get to Meet Personally at A Networking Event

Many actors and screenwriters who are working or aspiring to do so in Hollywood realize that networking is a very important aspect of developing a…

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Pushing Through the Stuff in Your Head, Focusing on Your Commitment

Recently, I had planned to give a speech at my Toastmaster’s club (a large, non-profit org for public speaking). I had signed up to repeat…

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Hollywood Business School Podcast

The Hollywood Business School Podcast by Dr. Melody Jackson offers insider tips on the business of Hollywood, focused on acting and screenwriting careers. You’ll learn…

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